Training Center

The MoKan Ironworkers Apprenticeship and Training Fund is committed to upgrading our journey-persons’ skills with the latest training classes and certifications. The weld shop is open to members throughout the week, as well as the first Saturday of each month.

The classes we are currently offering are:

  • Superintendent Training (Online self-study, must have taken Foreman Training)

  • OSHA 10 (Online course at the cost for this class is $25.00)

  • Powersafe (As needed)

  • Aerial/Scissor Lift

These classes (among others) are available on an “as needed” basis and we would like to have at least five people in each class, however, more is better. In addition to classes at the training center, we can do many classes on the job site. If interested, please contact Brian Garrett at (816) 595-4134 or Jamie Hazelrigg at (816) 595-4110.

Visit our Training & Apprenticeship Facebook page.